We got featured in Producthunt

Hardwork paid off. I was very happy when I first read this notification on Twitter yesterday.

We’re really lucky enough to be featured in Producthunt day after I launched my first major startup ‘Wanderhunt’. Being listed in the community where the best new apps and products are curated daily is such a huge opportunity and milestone on this journey.

Seeing how other members have voted and left positive feedbacks, suggestions and even future partnerships gives me even more inspiration to make the site evolve to provide users the best experience they can have. I didn’t even imagine that it would reach more than 100 upvotes.

You may be all wondering why they kinda similar starting from its name up to the looks of the site. Well, the creation of Wanderhunt itself is inspired by Producthunt. Since the day I joined this awesome community, I was really fascinated on its minimalist feel and look so I decided to make the design of the beta version inspired by Producthunt.

For those who have not yet tried Wanderhunt, you can login and join for free using either your Facebook or Twitter Accounts. You can read on my other blogpost “Wanderhunt: A New Simple Platform for Travelers” to know what the full features of the site.

If you wish to support and vote us in Producthunt, you can visit the page here http://www.producthunt.com/tech/wanderhunt.

And finally to @beentossell who made this possible,