Find me a break

I didn’t know up until now how exhausting it is to pursue on a startup. Since the day I publicly launched the beta version which went successful, things have started to change. Given the fact that this is my first major startup, it’s really quite challenging. I’m like a child wandering this vast world of technology and entrepreneurship.

“Be proud of your naivety, and fear knowing too much” – Joel Gascoigne

For the past week, I can’t seem to focus on working since my mind is occupied with thoughts which makes me unproductive. The frustrations mixed up with pressure, wow, sweet torture.

Keeping up with the pace

We were really lucky enough to be featured in Producthunt day after our beta launching. It is such a great milestone for us somehow it started to add burden on my side. Seeing how people started using and loving it, I was really happy and became so excited. Such  fulfillment, however, I started to feel the pressure on keeping up with the current flow.

Making the community grow

In my honest opinion one of greatest challenge in startups is making the community grow. Acquiring new users maybe easy for you yet quite hard for others. Even making current users to keep coming back may turn to be difficult.

They’re maybe a lot of ways to acquire new users, starting from social media campaigns down to advertisement somehow in my own opinion, its more efficient to start acquiring users from your friends down to their connections. It is easy to build reputation and trust from that way.

“Building a great product is not enough, you need to build a community and understand your what your user needs”

It is really a nice thing to learn a lot of new things each day. Reading blogs of successful founders and entrepreneurs, listening to their podcasts is quite fun. There are a lot of stuffs to learn from there experiences. From failures up to their success.

“Don’t give up; the beginning is always the hardest.” – Kemmy Nola

I need a distraction. I need a break to free up my mind from these thoughts to be able to catch up and start fresh in the upcoming weeks. I need to stay focused on my vision. It’s a long way ahead.