DJI Spark – My first Drone

I finally got my hands on my first ever drone, the DJI spark. Another additional to my travel arsenal that opens up a new perspective

Embracing Test Driven Development

It’s been a year now since Test Driven Development has been first introduced to me. I have been coding for several years prior to this

Why I decided to get my first Car?

Last week, I really can’t explain the happiness and fulfillment I felt when I got my first ever car. I know a lot of us

Never Stop Learning

After finishing my college degree, I was really looking forward and very excited to start my career in the corporate world. No more sleepless nights

Find me a break

I didn't know up until now how exhausting it is to pursue on a startup. The frustrations mixed up with pressure, wow, sweet torture.

We got featured in Producthunt

We're really lucky enough to be featured in Producthunt day after I launched my first major startup 'Wanderhunt'. Being listed in the community where the best new apps